Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson is an actress and model, best known for her roles on Days Of Our Lives and Pretty Little Liars.

Recently, Ashley starred in the movie Spring Breakers, cast alongside James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez.  She's appeared in music videos, movies, numerous television shows and one thing is for certain, her career is on the rise! 

Ashley plays the role of Hanna on Pretty Little Liars who is spunky and adventurous.  It was this role that critics claimed was her break out role.  We love seeing her stylish outfits both on and off the screen.  Ashley wore our Star Charm necklace on Pretty Little Liars and we are excited she'll be wearing our jewelry on the new season.  Her character's style is one of our favorites on PLL.  She's also got killer hair!

Ashley also personally owns several pieces of KV Bijou jewelry, including-- the boho stackable bracelets, Irelyn Earrings, Laiken Earrings, Bluestorm Ring, Kalani Ring and Adora Cuff.

Follow Ashley on IG: @itsashbenzo