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Being someone with a long term love-affair with jewelry, it's safe to say I have a HEFTY selection. Many of them hold sentimental value, whether it was one of my early childhood designs or something I designed in a season of my life that reminds me of that time. I love the emotional connection with a beloved piece. This was one of the things that drew me to become a jewellery designer. Accessories can empower, transform, connect, signify change and is another avenue for expression.

One of the benefits to my job is the jewelry I own and wear as a result. I'm the type of girl who will chose her jewelry before clothes and gets bored easy. This keeps me designing and growing. So, how on earth to store and keep jewelry over the years? Keeping pieces organized is important and below I'm sharing some solutions I personally use in my home and studio.

1. Jewelry boxes: the most obvious place to store jewelry. I love the Moroccan feel of this glass one from HomeSense

2. Sticks or branches: we use this at our mountain studio to display jewelry. It gives an organic vibe and not to mention, it's a thrifty solution!

3. Shadow Boxes: I'm obsessed with them. It's a perfect way to display jewelry as the art it is. This is an easy solution to prevent necklaces from getting tangled and keep your go-to jewelry items ready to wear.

When I found these ADORABLE mini clothes pins, it was love at first sight. Here I used them with twine to display earrings in my studio. 

4. Glass Jars: I love storing bangles this way. It's easy to see what's inside and because they are air tight it keeps silver bracelets from needing a polish! These jars are from Ikea.

5. Chalkboard labeled jars and tiny tins: (see photo at top) the label makes it easy to organize pieces by category and I love these mini tins. They're orginally for the kitchen, but I use them to display gemstones or to drop a pile of rings I take off at the end of the day before washing my face.


Which of these options do you love the most? How do you store your beloved KVBijou? I'd love to hear any fabulous ideas you have and let me know if you incorporate any of these into your home! 

Thanks for stopping by!  ~Kelsey xx

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