Desiree for KV Bijou

For the past year, we've been quietly working very hard on a secret and exciting project. We're so thrilled to be share the big news with you today!

We've teamed up with Desiree Hartsock to launch a bridal collection together! It will be launching Nov.01 2014, online: 

KV Bijou owner Kelsey with Desiree Hartsock in California.

Make sure to head on over to The Knot as we share exclusive behind-the-scene pictures as well as details you don't want to miss about this exciting collaboration.

Des is talking about the experience on her blog today, it's a really special post.

Kelsey and Desiree designing together at the KV Bijou studio in BC Canada 

Follow along on our IG (@kvbijou, @deshartsock and @desireeforkvbijou) as we spill the juicy details about our collection. We CANNOT wait to share it with you!

Posted by: Kelsey V

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