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We'll be honest - sometimes we tune into Extreme Makeover Home Edition for the amazing stories, sometimes because of our deep love of design, other times for the feel good factor and whenever we can, we tune into see what our hometown cutie Jillian Harris is up to.  We are big fans of her design work and always one to be on the cutting edge, we love seeing what fashionable things she is wearing.  We completely lucked out this week when we spotted Jillian wearing KV Bijou!  

She filled us in on her outfit details, which we are happy to share with you.  Jillian owns four Bohemian Stackable bracelets and she loves wearing them layered up with her favorite Michael Kors watch.  Her adorable red dress is from Urban Outfitters which she wore a white tank top beneath.  She added some fantastic Frye boots to complete the look.  We love how she always manages to look effortless, even while doing tough manual labour and changing lives. 

Go Jilly, we salute you!

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Posted by: Kelsey V

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