Bachelorette Emily Style | Kensie Earrings

This season of The Bachelorette seems to be flying by. This past week, we were left wishing a few things... one being that Emily would wear her hair up more often to show off her lovelyKensie Earrings she was sporting.  Another being that she'd stop eliminating guys so quickly so that the season would last longer! 

It's a bit more drama free and tame than the past few seasons.  We love tuning in to see who is going home and which pieces of KV BIJOU Emily will be wearing!  A few of her favorites are: the Arie bracelet that she has worn on both Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Bachelorette.  She often is seen stacking it up with other bracelets as her signature style. 

We weren't surprised to catch The Kensie earrings looking fab on her, as these earrings (available in a variety of colors) have seen plenty of air time! Emily wore her pair on The Bachelorette, the Gray/Blue pair was worn on Hart of Dixie, the Champagne pair was worn on Pretty Little Liars and the Turquoise pair has been worn on Dancing with the Stars!  

We can't wait to see who Emily ends up with and which pieces we'll see next...

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Posted by: Kelsey V

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