Kourtney Kardashian Style | Initial Necklace

Kourtney Kardashian is a mom who knows how to stay true to her amazing style while remaining glam-chic. One of her trademarks, is her initial necklaces she is often spotted in.  She personally owns our 'Identity' initial necklace.  The necklace is customizable and the initial discs can be removed, so you can wear multiple or single initials at a time!

Photo: Kourtney's blog

We've spotted Kourtney wearing a simple 'M' or 'K' or with multiple initials.  On her 'Identity' necklace, she owns an initial for Scott, herself and kiddos.  We love how above, she is rocking a fantastic glam fall look with her initial necklace and below, she goes casual chic.  Being a mom, she remains practical and gorgeous.  This necklace is versatile enough to go with any look.

What's your daily go-to necklace?

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