Desiree's Aqua Ring | Emi by KV BIJOU

Oh my... what's that on Desiree's hand??!

We're only one week away from the start of Desiree's season of The Bachelorette and we couldn't help but notice something extra sparkly on her hand during her interview with The Huff Post.

No... it wasn't a Neil Lane engagement ring, (not yet) it was nothing but our lovely KV Bijou Emi Ring in Aqua worn on her right hand. 

We loved hearing that she personally hand-picks her favorite pieces to wear, to stay true to her style. Des loves this ring so much that she owns it in two colors! She has our emerald cut Emi ring, in both gems: Aqua and Green Onyx. 

This interview made us love her down-to-earth, sweet demeanor even more. How refreshing it is to see someone as grounded as her in the spotlight. 

We were thrilled to spot her in our jewelry even before the season started and can't wait to keep you all posted on what she wears! 

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Posted by: Team KV

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