Road Trip Essentials

Adventure is worthwhile in itself ~ Amelia Earhart

Summer is officially here.

Wanderlust has set in.  The open road beckons, but just one question... what to bring?

  • 1. Annie Studs- great for low maintenance style and the moonstone matches with everything!   
  • 2. Zachary Necklace- I never take mine off  
  • 3. Kalani Rings (X2) and Still Loved Ring- Stack them up  
  • 4. Messy bed head curls - you are on vacation! 
  • 5. Flip flops- for lots of walking and exploring.  
  • 6. Sunglasses  
  • 7. Maxi Skirt- we love these ones by Q Creative.

Happy adventuring!

~Kelsey xx

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Posted by: Kelsey V

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