Mandi Line loves KV Bijou

Check out Mandi giving #kvbijou a shout out on Instagram in her ring! 

There are many things to be said about Mandi. I've gushed many times about how insanely talented she is as the costume designer of Pretty Little Liars, but I was blown away when I personally met Mandi this summer.

First of all, she has a presence! Beyond the tattoos and edgy punk rock hair, she's just super kind. Mandi definitely has a really cool energy about her! She exudes confidence while still remaining humble, which is not easy. She goes out of her way to connect with fans and as she showed us around PLL I realized she's one of the sweetest and down to earth people in the business. It may have been that she told me I looked like a supermodel (ha!), but regardless this lady has a special place in my heart! I think she is doing great things for young girls in a time where role models are showing women have to sexualize themselves and bare skin to be cool, Mandi is showing the opposite. She dresses her characters with an edgy, strong look where their personalities shine through. I love that she is empowering young girls to be confident and unique! 

Rock on Mandi! We have so much love for you and what you are instilling in young ladies.

~Kelsey xx

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Posted by: Kelsey V

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