Jetty Rae: Music Video | Still Loved Ring

Singer and songwriter Jetty Rae wears our Still Loved Ring in her latest music video 'Kerosene.'

This music video is so hauntingly beautiful. At first listen, the meaning behind what the lyrics and imagery depict, might be missed. But to those who have lived and experienced the pain she is singing about, this song resonates deeply in a profound way. The video and song is a tribute to Jetty's daughter Ella and to have my Still Loved Ring apart of such a meaningful tribute is an honor. This is exactly why I designed it and to see it expressed so beautifully is a true gift.

The Inspiration Behind The Design

I came across the Still Project  shortly after the tragic loss of our son Zachary in 2012. It was a time where finding any sense of purpose or meaning in my work was nearly impossible. I was a first time mom and I should have been busy (taking time off) to raise my son. Instead I was a mom, back at work, suddenly belonging to a loss community I didn't want to belong to. 

As soon as I began looking around the bereaved community,  my heart broke alongside many other parents walking this road. I soon discovered the Still Project, I loved what they were doing and knew I wanted to be a part of it

The word 'Still' in the ring is the same font as the Still Project logo. Partial proceeds from this very special ring go towards helping make the Still Project happen.

In a culture where the topic of death and grief are surprisingly taboo, this ring was a tangible way to offer comfort to anyone who has ever lost a loved one. My hope was for it to be a medium to express the never-ending love we feel for those whose days are cut much too short. Whether it's 30 years ago, or just yesterday, one thing stays the same... they are always and forever still loved.

~Kelsey xx

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