Highlights of 2013

Hidden in the middle of change and much growth; twenty thirteen held adventure.

The previous year had been filled with personal heartbreak and to be honest, as 2013 began... I wasn't sure what the outcome for KVBijou would be. It's a wildly difficult thing to be promoting and creative, in the midst of grief. It requires a free-spirited curiosity and strength that I was out of. I was privately recovering from surgery, the loss of my son, putting my life back together behind closed doors and clinging to this dream with everything I had. 

Change spawned more change and opportunities brought new hope

Cautiously, I adapted my business. I added coworkers. I moved my studio out of my home to a rented space. And the biggest change of all-- the reason I do this job, at all. Obviously, I love to make beautiful jewelry, but there are far more important things in life. It's for these personal reasons that I'd fight to keep KV Bijou alive. I want to use this company as a platform for good.
I'd be lying if I said it was easy to carry the weight of child loss with the pressure of redefining and running this business. There was so much pressure to reclaim what I had built. I've always knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am so incredibly lucky to do what I love. 
In turn, it has breathed life back into me. It's become my creative outlet again. 
This is why, I believe it's important to share both the triumphs and struggles. It's my hope that being real as women, we can share, love, encourage and inspire each other. 
It is with an overwhelmingly grateful heart, that I can say this year held tremendous success for KVBijou. Because of you-- this year was filled with so much beauty. You've shown me KVBijou is here to stay. Thank you to each and every one of you who purchased jewellery this year.  Thank you for the notes, cards, emails words of encouragement and women who inspire me daily. I wish I could hug every single one of you who helped make this year what it was. I reached life long goals, broke records, opened new accounts, designed, travelled, explored and dreamed again...
So without further adieu...      

{2013 Highlights}

  • The Mountain Studio or as we lovingly call it "the bijou."

Hurley keeping our social media accounts updated

Seeing KV Bijou pulled for TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, worn by Jillian Harris on Love it or List it, and pulled for a nation wide commercial! 

    Having my jewellery selected to be worn on The Bachelorette (for the 4th consecutive year!)
    Much time exploring and many, many new designs 

      Kelsey and Mr.Bijou; in Malibu 
      Launching the Zachary Necklace
      Enjoying my very first Canucks Game (thank you Canuck Place)
      Hurley turned 2!

        Launching the 'Still Loved' Ring with the Still Project

          Picture via Carly Marie taken in Australia, wearing her Still Loved Ring 
          Turning 30

            InStyle featuring KVBijou (a lifelong dream)  
            Meeting Desiree Hartsock 

              Meeting Mandi Line and the Pretty Little Liars Cast and crew (full blog post with details to come!) 

                From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!
                Psst you wont want to miss what we have planned for 2014... it's big! Stay tuned. 
                ~Kelsey xx
                "Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive" 
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