DIY: Dreamcatcher

By Franchesca 

I am completely honored to be here today!!! Thank you so much Kelsey for the opportunity. My name is Franchesca and I write a little blog over at Small Bird Studios where you can often find me sharing my spin on clean eating/ living, boho fashion and photos of our everyday life in Texas.

I am just starting out with creating dreamcatchers, but so far I am smitten - although I still have so much to learn. I found a way to make a version of a "beginner's" DIY dreamcatcher. I hope to share a more intricate design, with history of the dreamcatcher very soon :)


1. First, gather your supplies. You can use a hoop or willow branches, I found these gold hoops at a local craft store in the clearance aisles. At the time I had NO IDEA what I'd use these for but they were too yummy to pass up at the price they were at! Next you'll need some twine or pretty colored yarn, or some durable string, and ribbons, beads and feathers.

2. Tie knots and leave small gaps laong the hoop. Make about 6-7 gaps, and leave a little slack between each knot.

3. Next, cut the string after securing with a knot against the first knot. You might interwine these two, so you don't get an extra space between the first and last gaps (this is what I did).

Start a new thread along the ends of the slack pockets you created and begin pulling through, but no need to knot this time, just thread through as seen below. Begin slipping beads/ feathers through where you'd like to see them. You can be creative about how you go about attaching these to your dreamcatcher.

 4. Continue this process until your loops meet one another in the center (or near center) of your dreamcatcher.

5. Secure all loops with a fastened knot, you might attach a bead or feather to the final knot or some kind of decoration.

6. Begin tying strings, remnants of fabrics, and even braided materials onto the ends of the dreamcatcher until it feels complete to you. It can be sparse and it can be full. It can be a work in progress to you.

I hope this has inspired you!! Like I said I am working on perfecting a more intricate design that I cannot wait to share here soon!! ~ Fran

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