DIY: Gratitude Board

A typical day at the KV Bijou studio involves copious amounts of coffee, many laughs and sending off lovely packages of beautiful jewelry around the world. 
It's always exciting when we receive a little Thank You note.   (I mean, who doesn't like getting mail?!) 
We decided to make this DIY Gratitude Board as a way to display some of the incredible love we've received over the years. We may be a bit biased, but we truly have the best clients ever! 
On our board we've put cards from clients, bloggers, celebs, TV shows and some inspiring words and images.

{ HOW TO: }

1. Find an old frame and take it apart. (I loved the detail on this frame!)

2. Paint the frame. I painted this one a light turquoise (a favorite color around here). Then added a bit of white spray paint over top.

3. Let dry. Then lightly sand, giving it an aged look. This way some of the turquoise and wood detail shows through. 

4. Cover cardboard backing with batting and cloth. I used a light canvas/burlap fabric.

5. Cut 3 lengths of twine and fasten to the back of the cardboad. 

6. Grab your mini clothes pins and pin away! 

I love how this project can be changed over the seasons, from Thank You's to Christmas cards to hanging your favorite jewellery pieces.

By: Jones (follow me on IG: @jones_kvbijou) 


Any projects you'd like to see next? Let us know below in the comments.

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