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This past Sunday was Mother's Day AND the boyfriends birthday. It was 80 degrees and sunny here on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu. That means out all day, running last minute errands and hopping from one get-together to the next. 

So what is the best style to go from brunch to the beach? Well, that's easy. I threw on my favorite high waisted vintage Levis, Urban Outfitters crochet crop top (doubles as a bikini top) and my Billabong kimono to cover up. To top it all off and dress it up a little for such a special day I had my rad KV Bijou jewels to throw into the mix. It added that little splash of color I needed and worked perfectly with my laid back, beach babe vibe I always go for. The Aqua teardrop necklace hits the coconuts just right and the mix and match rings make me feel like the queen gypsy herself, Stevie Nicks. It was the perfect ensemble for such a long yet awesome day!  [Shop the matching ring here] 
Shorts: Levis | Kimono: Billabong | Jewelry: KV Bijou (SHOP HERE) | Crop top: Urban Outfitters
Written By: The Salty Blonde
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