DIY: Vintage Lace Dreamcatcher

For just about EVER I have been wanting to try my hand at making a dreamcatcher with doilies. These are super easy and what I love about them is the dreamy and vintage feel they add to any space. I found a lot of doilies at Michael’s a few days ago for $1.50 each!! But the best ones are found at antique stores, they are so full of history and character.

What you need: A hoop (you can find this at a craft store), some yarn, thread, beads, feathers, a doilie. How to: 1. Wrap yarn around the entire hoop and secure with a knot, maybe even more than just one knot. Place the hoop on a flat surface and place doile in the middle. Take the needle and begin 

2. Thread needle and begin threading it around the doile and back around the hoop. Continue this until the entire doile is wrapped tightly in the center of the hoop. You will need to adjust the doile quite a bit and just be patient with yourself. This part takes the most time, but so worth it!

3. Start pulling out all your feathers, and beads, leaves and anything else you’d like to attach to your dreamcatcher. Remember, the limit is the sky! I have so many ideas I plan to implement in future dreamcatchers, including old keys, letters, parchment paper with calligraphy and more.

4. Remember to just have fun with it. Let the process be organic. It might take you a few hours, and then it might be a project that you have to take your time with and come back to. The finished product should be something that fills your heart and home with a dreaminess, and wonder. For some fun tidbits about dreamcatchers, head here:

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