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Having crazy, curly hair, I'm often looking for quick ways to embrace my curls and attempt to look polished  ;) I follow Christina on Instagram and love her wild curls! She's been kind enough to share EXACTLY how she gets these beautiful curls! I personally tried this tutorial for an event recently and it was a success! (not bad right?!!)---->

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!!! ~Kelsey xx

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Christina here! I am going to show you how I achieve ‘beach waves’ using a curling iron.  I absolutely love this hairstyle, and you will see it in MOST of my outfit posts on my blog!  It can either be dressy or casual, can be slept on and worn the next day, and takes less than 20 minutes!

I start with my hair air dried and un-brushed.  By leaving it a little bit tangled, the curl tends to hold better.  I use Coconut Milk Oil on my hair (I bought this at Fred Meyer, my local grocery store for $6) just to sleek the frizz a little bit ;)

Next, I spray my mane generously with Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe texturizing sea salt spray.  I LOVE THIS.  It’s $6 at Ulta, and it also makes your hair smell so good! 

Starting with the BOTTOM layer, I curl my hair in about 1-1.5" sections at a time, varying the amount of hair. I keep the curling iron pointing DOWN, with the clamp closed.

I wrap the one inch (or so) of hair towards the back of my body and hold the very end of it for about 10 seconds. I make my way around the bottom layer and once it's finished I simply release my sumo-bun and curl the next layer! 

Then I'm ALMOST done!

Once every section is curled, I spray the Beach Babe spray over the top of my curls being careful not to touch the curls with my fingers at all.

Then I wait FIVE SOLID MINUTES before touching the curls.  This allows the curl to set (And lasts longer-notice I don’t use hairspray).  After the five minutes I shake my head vigorously to loosen the curls..

Then shake it out a little bit more with my fingers, and I’m all done! VOILA!

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