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Tofino is a truly special place to me. It holds many meaningful memories, of life changing times. I visited for the first time, nearly 10 years ago on a surf trip with friends when I was dating Terry. It's no secret that I adore the ocean, so it was a love-at-first-sight kind of trip. Every time I've returned since, it reminds me of when my hubby and I were dating. It's also a place that reminds me of my son as we visited after he was born. Filled to the brim with inspiration and simply such a peaceful place, I was very grateful to visit again recently.

I've always wanted to stay in the adorable and iconic Ocean Village Cabins, which are right on the ocean and we figured what better time than now?! They are pet friendly, so Hurley could come-- and being in the midst of finalizing my upcoming collection means a little extra tranquility was the perfect escape.

They leave these cute s'more kits for guests along with firewood and instructions to build a fire! Hurley turned 4 in April, (while we were in Tofino actually!) and he was HAPPY to see that these dog treats were waiting for him in our cabin! Happy birthday Hurley!

We enjoyed days filled with exploring the beaches, checking out tide pools and Hurley loved running on the beach! Thankfully our cabin had wifi so I was able to work as needed while right outside our patio door was a beautiful sunset every night. 

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” ~ Albert Einstein

It's been a long time since I felt the stress melt away like it did on this trip. I love that our cabin had everything we needed while still having a rustic feel. It was nice to cook meals together, slow down and just be surrounded in unobstructed beauty. The location at Ocean Village was perfect for beach exploring and when it was pouring rain, it was mesmerizing to watch the storm move across the coast. Island life is just different and it's so refreshing. The beauty and spirit of the West Coast is something I will never lose wonder with and I'm already planning when to return in the summer!  Where are you planning to visit this summer?

Thanks for stopping by! Until the next adventure... 


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