DIY | Boho Woven Rug

{ What You'll Need }

  • A large piece of cardboard 
  • Scissors and a marker
  • Rope, yarn, wool, old t-shirts, fabric (or whatever materials you want to use to make your rug!)

    { How To- Make Your Loom }

    Step 1- Cut your cardboard into a circle shape. I used a garbage can lid to make mine into a perfect circle but you can make these as big or as small as you'd like.

    Step 2- Draw lines across your circle so that they intersect in the middle (think pizza slices). The more lines you have, the tighter weave you'll get... but the longer it will take. I did approximately 32 and the spacing on the outside was about 1.5"-2" apart between each line. 

    Step 3- Cut 1" slits along the outer edge of each line.

    Step 4- Take your twine and wedge it into a slit. Tie a knot on the back to secure it, and then stretch it straight across your circle to the opposite side, tucking it into that slit. Then cross back to the next spot and repeat this until all your lines have twine. After the last line, tie your twine in the back to secure it. The back of your cardboard circle will look messy but the front should be neat. Twine should meet in the centre perfectly. 

    { HOW TO WEAVE }

    Step 5-  Pick your first colour and tie a knot to your twine at the very centre of the circle. Begin weaving around your twine, going over and under as you alternate. You follow the over-under pattern for the duration of this project.

    Step 6- Continue weaving around, it should start to make a circle as you build more layers. Remember to pull the yarn tight so you don't have spaces. 

    Step 7- To change colours, just tie a knot to the end of your last colour and tuck the knot to the back.

    Step 8- Weave in your desired pattern until you reach the outside edge. Flip your cardboard over and gently cut 2 twines (that are beside each other) and tie them together. Keep in mind this will loosen the opposite side, so go across and also tie the opposite sides together. Continue around until you've tied off all your twine and your edges are secure.


    • TIPS : To save money, check out your dollar store to find some materials for your rug! 
    • The thicker the better. I used some very thin yarn and these layers TOOK FOREVER. For my next one I'll stick to the thicker wool and even try some rope. I can't wait to make more!

      Thanks for stopping by! Are you going to give this DIY a try? Let me know! 

      Posted by: Kelsey V

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