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After sharing pictures of my first time hiking to Lindeman Lake on the blog and IG... I had SO many people asking where this tranquil gem of a lake was. You guys are amazing I love that so many of you also have an appreciation for the outdoors! I wanted to share more of this beauty with you all, so I decided to take my pal and photographer Iulia up there for our latest Explore post!  It's truly such a stunning hike and the reward of this view at the top is pretty breathtaking. 

There's nothing quite like escaping the studio mid-week for a little mountain air...
One of my favourite things about this lake is that there are SO many different colours in the water. Depending on where you are on the lake you'll find so many variations of such vibrant shades of aqua blues and green. 

Photography: Iulia Agnew   |    Shorts // Tank-Top // Sports Bra

It was incredible seeing how the water looked different (less green, more aqua) than the last time I was here just a few months ago. Last trip it was very sunny in April, this time cloudy in June... it's one of the reasons this hike is one I won't get bored with! Stunning in a new way each time. For those wanting instructions on how to get to this hike to try it our for yourself, head here. But you guys have to promise if you do check it out to let me know on Instagram (@kvbijou)! I'd love to see your pics and hear how it was for you!  Until then, keep exploring...

Posted by: Kelsey V

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