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One thing that I have had on my mind lately, is fear. No matter who we are, we all have to face it. I'm lucky enough to have some fellow lady bosses (both near and far), who are bravely pursuing living out their dreams and something that I'm constantly reminded of is the power of fear.  

If we're not careful, it can determine what we do and don't. I'll be the first to admit that the entrepreneurial life can be a thrilling yet terrifying one. It's very easy to feel fear every day. The success or failure of the whole thing seems to ride on your shoulders. Making it profitable in a competitive market is not for the faint of heart. You are constantly putting yourself out there, whether it's on social media channels, pitching ideas or by releasing designs that you've poured your heart and soul into. It's easy to begin to base our value by what others think of our product/design/idea. I think the more unhappy we are with ourselves, the more we'll search for outside affirmation. And of course it's never enough. But this couldn't be further from the truth! You are enough right now. 

I personally believe when we are pursuing our passion/purpose, we have all the tools necessary and we just have to begin. Yes, I very much understand starting a business you need practical things - like money etc, but have you ever noticed the most determined, happy and successful people are the ones who see obstacles as opportunities? I love those people! Their passion is infectious and they are creative problem solvers. Then there's another group of people that see everything as a problem, literally everything. They are uninterested in solutions because to them, they are a powerless victim to their life and circumstances. No thanks. Things do not change simply by complaining again and again about them. Take action! No excuses here ladies.

Maybe you're like me and want to live life in a bold way. So how do we do that?

I've heard the quote "on the other side of fear lies freedom" and this past year I've pursued that with my heart. I am no expert, but I think the biggest step you can take is to acknowledge the fear, determine what you are afraid of and then move INTO ACTION. Fear often will put us into a place of pause as we're so scared of failing. Below, I'm sharing 6 practical ways to move past fear. I'm sharing these as a reminder to myself and to challenge all the #BijouBabes out there to not let fear stand in their way. 


1) Do YOU - your voice, your viewpoint, your ideas, your heart and story is what makes YOU valuable and special. If you're fearful, perhaps it's because you're not being yourself. Maybe you're worried what others will think. Don't give away your power by deciding who you are based on what others think you should be. Just do you and tell YOUR story. Whatever that is. Authenticity is something people respond to and the world desperately needs. And remember- no matter how hard someone tries, they cannot steal your individuality from you. Your experiences are yours alone. We were made uniquely for a reason and once you truly OWN who YOU are, you will become a force to reckon with! Don't waste your time trying to be like everyone else. You are not them and you will never find success that way. 

2) Your Circle Matters - just like the spring cleaning we do on our homes, we need to maintain a tidy circle. It's cliche, but it is so important who we surround ourselves with. Choose wisely because the fruits of this will be evident in your life. Some people have toxic thought patterns they will project onto your life. Some will tell you to quit building your business when times get tough, instead of encouraging you. To pursue your dreams, you need every ounce of strength you have and you cannot afford to waste time and energy on those who don't get it or try to get it. If some don't get your vision, it's okay, others will. You want people who will empower you, not create extra fear. Find those who support and believe in your vision and hold those very close. 

3) Guard Your Ideas - When you are putting your heart and soul into something, it's important to only share your heart and ideas with those who value them. Just because someone is "in" your life doesn't give them free reign to the ins and outs of your personal business. In a time of "over sharing" it is rare to hold things in, but when you are doing all the foot work, research, investing, sacrifices and WORK to make your ideas a reality - don't sell yourself short by giving that away and devalue yourself. Give your ideas the time they need to grow before you share.

4) Watch Your Self Talk - this is such a subtle but powerful thing to learn. I struggle here as a designer I tend to be perfectionistic. I can be so hard on myself and forget how far I've come. Luckily I have those around me who remind me of what I've accomplished when I need that straightening out! What we say to ourselves is so very important. Fear is usually a single thought that most likely started as something we believe or are saying to ourselves... that usually is not even true. Be aware of your self talk throughout the day and be kind to yourself! 

5) Failure is inevitable - yes, we'll all fail at some time in our lives in some way or another. It's harder to spot on social media where people only share the highlight reel from their lives, but don't be fooled. Failure isn't something to be afraid of if we use it to our advantage to propel our growth. Learn from failure and adjust accordingly.

6) Start NOW - don't overthink. Just GO. Start now. Take ACTION. If we wait until we're ready, we'll never be ready. If you love something enough, you'll make it happen, no matter what comes your way. Clarity will come from action, so go! 


What would you do today if fear wasn't holding you back? What call would you make? What dream would you attempt? Go do it! Is fear something you've dealt with in your life? Let me know in the comments below how you push past it to live a bold life!      [photos by Iulia Agnew]


Posted by: Kelsey V

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