Freedom comes in many forms... 

... like jumping around in thigh high snow!

These photos make me smile for many reasons. One being the backstory of getting them. They were actually taken during Iulia and I's trip to Vancouver Island. It had been raining pretty hard while we were visiting, but no steady snow. Then on our way home, as we were climbing the mountains, we hit this amazing heavy, beautiful snow! The mountains looked surreal, all the trees painted in white.... we were awe struck. The bad part was, the snow plow had come and the snow was so high on the side of the road there was actually no shoulder to pull over. Finally, after quite some time, we found a spot to get out and stretch out legs (i.e. play in the snow!).

Excited, I went running to the enchanting tall white trees. The forest was really spooky and thick, kind of wild looking but so pretty! Once I got quite far from the road into the edge of this dense forest, I was making a snowball as I looked back at Iulia to see her horrified. Thinking it might be my posing, I ignored it and continued on. We finished our adventure and jumped back in the car.

Later, I asked her-- "why were you looking at me like that while I was in the woods?" 

She looked at me for a moment then said, "I thought for sure a pack of wolves was going to get you and I was deciding if I'd have to leave you or not. I mean what could I do? I'd have to leave." 

We looked at each other and laughed.

"You'd leave me?!" Always good to know...  :) 

Sweatshirt / Black Jeans   //  photos by Iulia Agnew

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