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Welcome to my travel journal! For those who follow me on Instagram, you're probably aware we've just returned from exploring beautiful Belize.

I'm really excited to share about this life changing trip. My goal is to be your tour guide and bring you along with us, breaking it down in a few blog posts-- where to stay, what to do, what to eat, what to explore and a round up of what we got up to. I was told Belize was a diverse country, but honestly I was blown away by it.  Even nearly 3 weeks there, felt like we only scratched the surface. It's safe to say Belize has earned a special place in my heart and I do plan to return... (yup i'm already planning my next trip and I haven't been home for more than a few days!) From the food, to the warm people to the caribbean sea, add this place to your travel bucket list if it isn't on there yet. 

The first stop on our adventure was an island off the northeast coast of Belize in the caribbean sea called Ambergris Caye.  Known for it's stunning beaches and Barrier Reef, which is the second largest in the world! We spent 8 nights exploring this 25 mile long island. 

 X'tan Ha (pronounced"ISH-tan HA")

X'tan Ha, was our first stop on Ambergris Caye and it was the perfect place to snooze off our jet leg from our patio hammock. The water is postcard-turquoise-crystal-clear and the beach huts are adorable beyond words. The vibe here is laid back and I instantly regretted that we weren't spending more time here. Beach volleyball, hammocks everywhere, water trampolines.... um....! 

Food tip: Try the Veggie Burrito -- you won't be disappointed

Coco Beach Resort

Coco Beach-- two things come to mind when I think of this resort. The insane pools and the stunning rooms. For those who like luxury, this is your place. We enjoyed the complimentary kayaks to try to spot sea turtles (no such luck!) and explored the beautiful ocean front. We had a garden view room with a full kitchen and if we had more time here, I would recommend heading into town to grab groceries and take advantage of the amazing suite that quickly felt like home. I really enjoyed our time here and of the three places we stayed in Ambergris, this is the closest to San Pedro which is the main town on the island. The pools and grounds feel like your own oasis even though you're close to town and restaurants. 

During our time staying at Coco Beach, we also had a photo shoot planned with local Belizean model Joyjah (follow her here). Because Ambergris Caye is a small island, the main way to get around is via golf cart! So we rented a golf cart and headed into San Pedro to various locations for our shoot! It was definitely a day to remember. If you're following us on snapchat you saw some of the craziness, but if you missed it here's a behind the scenes peek. I'll share more on this later...

Costa Blu

Our last stop on Ambergris Caye was Costa Blu. Maybe it was the quinoa burger that got to my heart, but this place was pure magic. All the suites are ocean front and the way they built the resort is very spread out, so you feel like you're the only one there. It's a long strip of adorable turquoise beach huts, creating an unobstructed view of aqua OCEAN. My absolute favourite! It's a brand new resort, so everything is fresh and new. I would return here in a heart beat. The overload of turquoise made my heart so happy. It's directly in front of Mexico Rocks (a popular reef and dive destination) and the resort is very dive and ocean focused. Every day we were here, we were out in the ocean, kayaking, paddle boarding... which they let guests use all day! We also enjoyed a catamaran tour with the Tuff E Nuff guys. (See next two pics) Yup that's right we swam with sharks and sting rays at Shark Ray Alley!


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Thanks for following along with our trip. Next up we leave Ambergris Caye for the jungle!   [follow us on bloglovin]

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