Best Hikes In The Fraser Valley

With spring arriving and the sunshine returning, it’s time to get outside! You would not believe how many emails I get asking for some of my favourite local gems. Whether you've lived in the Fraser Valley your whole life or you've just moved here, hopefully, this list will give you a few places to check out this season. Here’s a quick round-up of some of my go-to spots that often show up on my Instagram feed!

Best Hikes In The Fraser Valley


Photo: Kelsey Vanderhorst

Why it's awesome: I've been coming to Cascade falls for twenty years. It is such a special spot! Not only is there now the suspension bridge, which makes for some incredible views, but you can hike down the river and find awesome swimming holes to cool off in the summer. The hike itself to the waterfall is quite short (about 10 minutes) but there's plenty to explore!

LINDEMAN LAKE - Chilliwack, BC

photos: Iulia Agnew 

Why it's awesome: Lindeman is such a beautiful hike. It's not too hard but will get your heart moving and the view at the end is quite the reward. For more details read my full post here.

ABBY GRIND - Abbotsford, BC

                                       photo: Vancouver Trails

Why it's awesome: The scenic views at the top make this steep 4km worthwhile. It's comparable to the grouse grind and it's just long enough to make you feel accomplished when you finish!


Why it's awesome: Did you know that Terry proposed to me at Hayward lake in the gazebo?! Yup! It's a stunning spot with lots to explore. There's a dog beach which Hurley frequents if he's feeling social. There are also some beautiful trails. My favourite is actually the loop across from the beach. 

CHADSEY LAKE - Abbotsford, BC

photo: Abbotsford Tourism

Why it's awesome: It's a perfect mid-week, get out for a quick hike kinda trail. There are so many wonderful spots on Sumas Mountain to enjoy and this is just one of them. 

JOFFRE LAKES - Pemberton, BC

Why it's awesome: Okay, so I know this one isn't in the Fraser Valley, but it's worth mentioning because it's one of the best hikes I've ever done. It's become quite popular in recent years and if you have a chance to do it, you'll understand why. 

MT. CHEAM - Chilliwack, BC

Why it's awesome: The 360-degree views of Chilliwack and the valley are unreal!  


Did I miss any of your favourite local spots? Have you checked out this spots? Let me know below. Thanks for stopping by!  // Subscribe to our blog

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