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Happy Canada Day! We’re currently celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday from Pender Island. The sun is shinning, and I’m watching hummingbirds in the garden as I type this. We've never been here before and we're taking full advantage of the long summer days as we explore the island. 

I can’t tell you how nice it is to slow down for a moment and catch our breath. These past few months have been so crazy with selling our house and moving and we’ve been busy trying to figure out what is next for us. I promise I’ll have an update on that soon!

In the meantime, I’m so excited to share this enchanted woods shoot we created. I’ve always loved the idea of inside living, out doors. Maybe it started as a kid building forts in the woods and creating an imaginary home with no walls and only blue sky as the roof. Did anyone else do this? Now as an adult I still daydream; surrounded in nature with beautiful furniture. The other day, while de-stressing and walking the aisles of HomeSense, I came across this super soft grey chair. Even though I knew it wouldn’t fit into my car, I proceeded to the checkout. I knew it was for me and somehow I’d get it home! 

Can we notice how good Hurley is starting to get at modelling? He legit is posing in these photos. I hope these shots inspire you to get outside this long weekend in whatever way possible and soak up the outdoors as you celebrate Canada Day! Long weekend here we come! 

Chair / Pendant Light / Box / Blanket

photography: Iulia Agnew

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