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Hi friends! Last week on Instagram I asked you to DM any questions you wanted to be answered on the blog and here's a roundup of the most asked questions. If I missed yours, or there's anything else you're curious about, let me know in the comments. Thanks to all those who sent in questions!

Where is the Lake House located?

Our home build is on a private lake in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada. I get messages asking this question VERY often! Especially when I show the lake! We're really lucky in BC to have no shortage of natural beauty here. 

When do you think your new home will be complete?

If everything goes smoothly, we're hoping for fall 2018.

What style will your new home be?

I still haven't completely figured out exactly what to call it. But its a mix of coastal, so-cal and bohemian traditional?! Picture lots of organic elements - exposed beams, light and airy calm colours, layered texture and big windows. 

Is this you and your husbands' first home build?

Yes! We're learning lots and are grateful for the experience.

Where do you take most of your photos from Instagram? 

Often they are just around the Fraser Valley. I don't travel as much as it appears on my social media. I might be driving and catch a pretty river and pull over to explore it and post a photo. 

How do you get your hair so curly?

My hair is naturally curly so I just put a bit of product in it and defuse it or let it air dry. I used to hate having curly hair growing up, but now I feel like the crazy curls match my wild nature :) 

What kind of dog is Hurley? How old is he?

Hurley is a Yorkshire Terrier or a "Yorkie" for short. He's turning 7 years old this month. He still feels like a puppy to us as he's little and has a permanent teddy bear face.

How long have you been married?

Terry and I have been married 10 years, coming up to 11 years in September 2018!

How do you edit your photos? 

I use a variety of apps, depending on if it's an iPhone or DSLR photo and what I plan to do with it. But some of my favourites: Lightroom, Snapseed, ColorStories, and PicTapgo. 

What are some of your favourite spots in the Fraser Valley to explore?

There are so many great spots. Perhaps I should do a blog post dedicated to some of my favourite local gems?!

Do you think you'll have more kids? 

I know this question is innocent and well-meaning, but I never really know how to answer it and I try to avoid it. I get asked it a lot online, which is why I included it. After losing our son, I've struggled with attempting to predict the future. I'll say this- we love kids and always have. We'll see what the future holds. We have become good at focusing on the blessings right in front of us, but our ache for a family has never left. 

How did you get your jewelry onto TV shows?

Over the years we've had our jewelry on lots of shows and the way our jewelry made it onto each TV show was different each time. But overall, connect with the costume designer of the show. Build relationships. They may ask for your line sheets or to see samples in person. 

I have a friend who just lost a baby, what advice can you give?

I get people reaching out regularly, often who have a friend or family member who have lost a child and every time I read those words it breaks my heart. I hate hearing others are joining the club. There's no quick or easy answer and no real way to 'fix' your friend. I wish there was a way to make it better. But each person is unique and so is their journey and grief. Give her time. Show her you're there without demanding much. Understand she's going to be different as a result of what she's gone through. Don't be afraid to mention her child's name. The best thing to do is to ask her what would be the best way to support her. If she doesn't know, just do anything. Literally, anything can help remind them that they are loved. The biggest mistake you can make is to assume others are helping and not take action. It's much better to try and admit you don't know what to do/how to act/what to say, then doing nothing at all. Be there.

Where do you want to travel next? Any trips planned?

For the first time in years, we don't have travel plans! We're going to be sticking close to home during our build as Terry is the general contractor and we're very involved in the process. 

How tall are you?

5'11" on a good day. 5'10" if you ask my husband, ha! 


Thanks for stopping by! If you have a question you'd like answered feel free to comment below or send me one via DM on Instagram!  // Subscribe to our blog

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