Front Entry Christmas Decor

It's our very first Christmas living in our new home and looking back on where we were this time last year, brings an immense sense of gratitude in how far we've come.  Last year-  we were celebrating our sheetrock arriving and we had heaters blasting as we worked many cold days and nights. We spent Christmas Day in lawn chairs in our future master bedroom (with Hurley of course) and we were pretty worn out by the building process. This year we are picking out decor and furnishings for our new home (and still unpacking)! It hasn't been without it's challenges but we are so grateful to call this our home and we're excited to begin sharing it with you all as you've followed our journey throughout this WHOLE process! From buying the land and clearing it, to designing and building... many of your have been so encouraging along this adventure. Now to the fun stuff... 

When we designed this front entry with Joel from 4D Drafting, we were excited for the visual impact the front entry would make as the heavy timber beams are quite large and the scale of the entry is breathtaking. This allows for no shortage of space for unique ways to decorate the front entry.  This year, I wanted to keep things relatively simple. I went with an assortment of planters, popped on some twinkle lights - and voila! I love how it turned out.


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Posted by: Kelsey V

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