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If you've been following along with our Lake House build, you know it's been quite the adventure so far! If you're new here, to get you caught up... we are currently building our dream home on waterfront acreage in the Fraser Valley, BC. This is something that we've dreamed of doing together since Terry and I first met. We bought our property last June and are now framing the main floor. Wahoo! 

My husband Terry is acting as the general contractor and I'll tell you, doing the owner/builder thing is no joke! I've never seen someone fit in more hours of work (between his two jobs) day after day. I'm really grateful that he has a skillset for this kind of thing and I'm really excited to be creating this home together. I'm loving the creative aspect of the project and we already have so many memories being created as we both work towards building this dream together. 

O U T D O O R  L I V I N G

We plan on spending A LOT of time outdoors and designing the outdoor living areas has been a huge focus. We wanted spaces that fit our lifestyle and our love of nature. The backyard will back onto the lake and all these windows on this side of the home will have a view of the mountains and lake. I imagine this is where we'll spend the majority of our downtime soaking up the days. The heavy timber deck is right off the great room and I can't wait to have morning coffee with Hurley out on that back patio. We're thinking of adding a fire pit and some heaters so that this space can be enjoyed year round. 

We are throwing around the idea of having a small outdoor kitchen/grill area with a countertop and built-in BBQ. And we're planning to incorporate a large folding patio door off the dining room to take advantage of the lake views and outdoor living.  Ready for a sneak peek??!!

What do you think?! Anything we should add? I would love to get a hammock out there too :)  

A huge thank you to John Melby of Melby Design for creating these beautiful renderings and a 3D model of our future home to give us a glimpse into what our home will look like! This has made it feel so real and helped with the framing process so we can make changes now instead of once it's all complete. Thanks, John!


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July 04, 2018 POSTED BY Kelsey

Love it. Sounds good Elma!

June 13, 2018 POSTED BY Elma Voth

Love, love the outdoor room. I’ll bring the wine once the hammock is up!!🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾😄😄😄😄😄😄😄