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It may be August, but summer isn't over yet! In the Fraser Valley, we are having some incredibly hot weather with some beautiful sunshine that makes it seem like summer is here to stay. (I hope so!)

These days, it seems like I rotate through my treasured items and would rather have less, and truly love the items I do have. I constantly find myself grabbing my go-to items and have become a creature of habit. Here are some of my favourites that I've been loving this summer.

1. Opal Studs /  2. Yoga Mat Sandals /  3. Mesh Watch /  4. Naked Snacks /  5. Hat /  6.  Blush Stick / 7.  Dryer Balls /  8. SUP /  9. Silicone Bag / 10. Peppermint Roller /  11. Linen Shirt /  12. Aqua Ring / 13. MAX+ LED Facial - Project Skin

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