JOURNAL | My Highlights of 2017

Happy 2018 friends! I CANNOT believe how quickly time is moving by. As I was going through my photos to put together a recap of this year, it really hit me how many challenges this year held. I know social media tends to give the impression that everyone's living a better life than you (or they actually are,) but in reality, everyone has stuff they are dealing with and moving through. That's living, right?...

JOURNAL | Chapter Two

Remember this post back in May when we suddenly sold our house with zero idea where life would take us next? It’s now August and it's been one crazy ride.  Since then, we’ve been renting and doing some soul searching to find out what is next. Surprisingly that's a harder question than we imagined. When we bought our last house, we had a very clear idea of who we were, where we imagined life would...

JOURNAL | Big News!

First of all, Happy belated Mother's Day! I wanted to give a little life update with some big news and a little clue why I've been MIA on social media lately!  Recently, while Terry was on night shift, I noticed the red light on our home answering machine blinking. Often we forget to listen to these messages as it’s usually spam calls and anyone who knows us personally, calls our cell phones. For whatever...