Kelsey Vanderhorst

KV BIJOU began in 2009 when Kelsey Vanderhorst left a full-time career to design a personal jewelry collection. As an artist, she rarely found pieces that matched her unique taste.

Since she was regularly asked where she purchased her own designs, Kelsey opened KV BIJOU to marked success. Her company name reflects the intimate vision of her business by connecting her initials: KV, and the French word for jewel, a small, exquisite trinket, bijou.

She designs each piece from her mountain studio in Abbotsford BC, Canada. Pulling inspiration from her passion for travel and the stunning PNW. Kelsey's gift for design shines through her collections which are focused around semi precious gemstones set in sterling silver with the highest possible craftsmanship.  Through her innovation, dedication and passion, Kelsey has created an outstanding worldwide reputation for KV BIJOU. Her talent for design and marketing has set KV BIJOU apart while trail blazing and inspiring women around the globe. In acknowledgement of her superb skill and ability, Kelsey was awarded the 2010 Eric Vanderham Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.                       [follow Kelsey on Instagram]

International Exposure

Shortly after the start of KV BIJOU, a supermodel wore original KV BIJOU pieces at New York Fashion Week, landing KV BIJOU in Flare, Allure, The New York Post and on Fashion TV.

Following that success, KV BIJOU was handpicked to provide jewelry at the Canadian Country Music Awards and The Sundance Film Festival Celebrity Gift Lounge, resulting in international exposure of its unique items on Access Hollywood, CMT's Meet the Wilsons and Extreme Home Makeover Edition. At the same time, KV BIJOU was also highlighted in print publications such as The New York Times, InStyle Magazine, Us Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, Look Magazine, The New York Daily, Crave Vancouver, The Vancouver Sun, TLC Magazine and on the red carpet at the America Music Awards.

Most recently, KV BIJOU was responsible for a majority of the jewelry worn by the leading ladies of ABC's The Bachelorette for the past 7 years. KV BIJOU is regularly spotted worn on TV shows such as: Pretty Little LiarsHart of Dixie, 90210, Dancing with The Stars and others.

KV BIJOU's work has also been noticed internationally and by other celebrity clientele like: Kourtney Kardashian, Rachel McAdams, Shay Mitchell, Helen Hunt and many others.

Desiree for KV Bijou

For the past year, we've been working very hard on a secret and exciting project.

We couldn't be more thrilled to announce the news of our bridal collaboration with Desiree Hartsock! Desiree will personally be wearing pieces from this collection on her own wedding day!

With a playful focus on bohemian-decadence and free spirited-romance, our collection is made with brides in mind but can be enjoyed and worn long after, for any celebration. Check out the store or read Desiree’s blog